Ultraview Announces AD8-1800x2 High Speed Data Acquisition Board with Ultra-low trigger latency
Berkeley, CA, July 1, 2013

Dual 1.8 GSPS / Single 3.6 GSPS PCIe ADC Board with 8GB RAM accepts rapidly-swept sampling clocks over 400 to 1800MHz range

AD8-1800 Series PCIe.

Ultraview Corporation, a leader in high speed data acquisition boards, today has announced an ultra-fast PCIe data acquisition board allowing uninterrupted acquisition of two concurrent 1.8 GSPS 8-bit A/D channels or a single channel at up to 3.6GSPS. The AD8-1800x2's unique combination of speed, fast trigger latency (30 nanoseconds), very deep on-board memory, and ability to be driven from either a fixed internal clock or an external clock (which may be rapidly-swept over large portions of a 400 to 1800 MHz range if needed for applications such as OCT), enables new capabilities in spectroscopy, SIGINT, surveillance, missile testing, RADAR and other defense, scientific, and medical applications. When installed in any x16 PCIe slot (x8 or x16 electrical), the AD8-1800x2 can acquire data at an aggregate rate up to 3.6 GB/sec, optionally process it in the on-board Virtex-5™ FPGA, buffer it in the 8GB on-board DDR-II RAM, and continuously stream the data via 1.4GB/sec PCIe x8 DMA transfers to host system RAM, for immediate use, graphical display, or storage to disk. A low-latency ECL/PECL/edge external trigger input enables sampling to start within 40ns of the trigger (accurate and repeatable to <1 sample) and a selective recording feature allows acquisition to then be dynamically stopped and started in response to a TTL input, increasing effective memory depth by storing only the needed data, for RADAR, NMR, burst communication, pulsed-spectroscopy and other applications.

Rapid Development and OEM-customization using easily modifiable, Linux/Windows cross-platform C-Software/VHDL-Firmware packages included with board

Designed for high speed, low-jitter, operation in critical OEM applications, the AD8-1800x2 allows either straight data acquisition, requiring no user development, or in-line FPGA dataflow processing using the on-board Xilinx XC5VLX50T™ (or optionally an XC5VLX155T™). For use as a standard data acquisition board the supplied user software and device driver allow users to acquire and view data "right out of the box". Drivers, user software, and example user source code are supplied for both 64-bit Linux and 64bit and 32-bit Windows 8/7/Vista™/XP™. Graphical waveform display software, and routines to store data to disk are included with all boards, in C-language source and ready-to-run executable form. A complete, high visibility, LabVIEW™ control panel display for both 64-bit and 32-bit windows is also included. The AD8-1800x2's shares a modular Front-end Mezzanine architecture with Ultraview's complete line of 8, 12, 14 and 16-bit A/D boards, enabling a common software platform for all models. Also, the acceptance of fast external clock sweep rates is common to other OCT-capable Ultraview models, such as its 14-bit 20 to 400 MHz sweepable AD14-400x2.

The AD8-1800x2's supplied VHDL firmware source lets users optionally modify the board's supplied standard data acquisition firmware to perform advanced application-specific hardware signal processing, including filtering, sub-band tuning, averaging, spectroscopy, SDR and image processing. This modular VHDL firmware source is available to OEM users at no charge under NDA.

Enables Ultra-fast Multi-board Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems

Multiple concurrently triggered AD8-1800x2 boards may be ganged, to acquire multiple channels in lock step. For example, with four AD8-1800x2-8GBs and an AD8-SPLIT4 clock/trigger splitter, 8 A/D channels can be acquired concurrently at 1.8GSPS each with 4GB of full-speed acquisition depth on each channel. The 8GB dedicated RAM on each AD8-1800x2 allows ultra-fast single shot capture without requirements on host system bus throughput.

The AD8-1800x2 supports external clocks of 400 MHz to 1800 MHz (sampling rates of and also has a 1 GSPS (on a two channels, or 2 GSPS on a single channel) fixed internal clock (other frequencies available). An automatic software-controllable on-board decimation capability enables the board to be used at lower sampling rates, down to 31.25 MSPS/channel.

Pricing in quantity of 1-4 boards is $9995 for AD8-1800x2-8GB-8GB-50T ($11,995 for AD8-1500x2-8GB-155T). Availability: Stock.

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