Frequency Doubling Comb Generator


Ultraview distributes the highly versatile COMBGEN6DIFF series developed by Furaxa, Inc. For more information on Furaxa, Inc. please visit

For more detailed specifications, please refer to the COMBGEN6DIFF Manual located here.

Output Comb Spectrum on + output, shown from DC to 10 GHz, for 200MHz clock input. Output spectrum consists of even harmonics (e.g. 400MHz, 800MHz ... 9.6GHz, 10GHz). -3dB point is approximately 3GHz. Odd harmonics (e.g. 100MHz, 300MHz are suppressed by approximately 30dB at low frequencies (to 1.2GHz), and are supressed by approximately 20dB up to 2.8GHz, degrading to 10dB at >8GHz.

Pulse train produced when comb COMBGEN6DIFF is driven by a 200 MHz input clock, resulting in 400 MPPS.

Only $3,995 single quantity ($3,495 each in 2+ quantity)