Mid-Priced Dual Channel 1.5 GSPS PCIe ADC System with 8GB RAM, Virtex-5™ FPGA allows Ultra-deep Recording and Reconfigurable Signal Processing
Orinda, CA, November 18, 2010

Ultraview Announces AD8-1500 Series High Speed Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems with Deep Memory at a Mid-Range Price

AD8-1500 Series PCIe. Click image for a close up.

Ultraview Corporation, a leader in high-end data acquisition systems, introduces a mid-priced line of PCIe data acquisition products, built on the technology of their AD8-3000 series product line. The new AD8-1500 series of data acquisition systems are capable of uninterrupted signal processing over two channels, at a rate of 1.5 GSPS each with 8-bits of resolution, and an aggregate rate of up to 3 GB/sec. The AD8-1500 series' unique combination of speed, reconfigurable processing, and very deep on-board memory enable new data acquisition capabilities in SIGINT, surveillance, missile testing, RADAR and other defense, scientific, and medical applications, at a lower price point than previously available.

As with all Ultraview data acquisition systems, data can be processed in a variety of on-board Virtex-5™ FPGA types, buffered to the 8GB of on-board memory, or continuously streamed to the the host system via DMA through the PCIe bus at over 1GB/s for a variety of user-defined applications.

Cross-Platform User Software Allows Instant Use and Downstream Custom Development.

As a complete solution, Ultraview products are shipped with software and corresponding source code that end-users can customize to their specific application needs, assisting rapid development for time sensitive product launches. Graphical waveform display software, and routines to store data to disk are included with all boards, as are Labview drivers and example applications that allow any system to be used as an oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer.

Drivers, user software, and example user source code are supplied for both 64-bit Linux and Windows operating systems. VHDL firmware source is available to OEM users under an NDA.

High-End Data Acquisition Products at a Cost Effective Price Point.

"With a $2,000 lower price point than our top-of-the line models, Ultraview is now in a position to supply a budget-conscious marketplace, while fully retaining the ultra-deep memory, bus throughput, and all high-end FPGA choices, but with a slightly slower maximum sampling rate." says Dr. Joel Libove, President and CEO of Ultraview Corporation.

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About Ultraview Corporation

Ultraview, founded in 1987, manufactures a wide range of high performance OEM and COTS 8, 12, 14 and 16-bit PCI/PCIe data acquisition boards, PCI/PCIe bus live insertion extender boards and analysis tools. These products are used in a wide variety of applications in defense, communications, scientific, medical, educational and OEM manufacturing and testing.

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