UltraSpect-50G: High-SNR Microwave Comb Spectrometer / Downconverter

Preliminary Specification - Subject to Change

Orinda, CA., May 05, 2011.

Ultraview Corporation, a leader in high speed data acquisition, and Furaxa, Inc. have jointly announced a forthcoming , highly sensitive, spectrometer / downconverter product capable of a wide range of spectroscopy, microwave and transmission classification applications at an extremely high dynamic range.

Available in the 3rd Quarter of 2011.

The UltraSpect-50G is a high-SNR pulse-based microwave spectrometer, useful for characterizing the microwave reflectivity and transmission characteristics of broadband microwave devices, antennas and systems, as well as chemical and biological substances. Consisting of one or two dual-channel pulser-sampler heads feeding a high performance Ultraview AD16x4-1000DMA data acquisition board with powerful signal averaging and capabilities, the UltraSpect-50G has an unmatched broadband signal collection efficiency and is capable of dynamic range exceeding 120dB, when acquiring a 50GHz spectrum at frequency points as closely spaced as 50 MHz, with less than 0.1 seconds of acquisition/averaging time. By using a train of pulses and electrical samples, the UltraSpect-50G allows higher SNR broadband frequency response/reflection data at over broad combs of discrete frequencies that may be spaced at 50MHz 100MHz, 200MHz, 250MHz, 500MHz and 1GHz, than that available using a standard swept VNA. However, the pulsed approach misses those frequencies in between the comb teeth. Nevertheless, for most broadband measurements, the added SNR and faster update rate, as well as the higher sensitivity and lower cost and smaller size, more than compensate for the inability to do continuous measurements, as shown in Figure 2. In liquids, microwave spectral peaks for most substances are far broader than the 50MHz minimum spacing, and encompass many peaks. In return, a higher dynamic range is possible.


Applications of the Single-head model (UltraSpect-50G-1x2CH), include direct downconversion of external signals to 50GHz and reflectivity-based spectroscopy of materials and biological tissues. Applications of the Dual-head model (UltraSpect-50G-2x2CH) include all of the above, plus transmissivity-based (S21) characterization of antenna ranges, microwave amplifiers and other devices, as well as transmissivity based spectroscopy of materials and biological tissues, with a sensitivity unmatched with prior approaches.

Flat Comb Spectrum from DC-50GHz. Time response (green) and Frequency response (yellow) of sinewave from 50 ohm external source, superimposed on 500MPPS stream of 10ps pulses from internal pulser in UltraSpect-50GHz. Frequency comb with teeth every 500MHz is due to the transmission of 500MPPS pulse stream, while peak at left (just to the right of DC) is due to extra energy at 500MHz due to the inputted sinewave.

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