High Speed Ethernet DAQ

Ultraview's ethernet based acquisition boards bring low noise, large channel count solutions to common open-source platforms. The flexibility of being able to combine a large number of publicly available firmware/software modules with laboratory quality data acquisition chips makes many previously difficult project integrations possible at a fraction of the cost of developing the entire system.

2 open source platforms available:

The microzed powered AD16x2-DA16x8-125ETH Ultraview board has 2 16-bit ADC input channels and 8 16-bit DAC output channels. It has a highly stable programmable internal oscillator. Two boards can be linked by the 26 pin connector for high speed communication.

The parallella powered AD14x16_65MSPS Ultraview board has 16 14-bit ADC input channels, available in SMA or ZIF 20 pin format. It has an expandable clocking scheme capable of running up to 16 boards for a total of 256 channels. Two programmable internal oscillators synched to a common reference provide unmatched heterodyne sampling precision.


Product SeriesResolutionSample RateFeaturesDRAMA/D Channels
14 bits20-65 MS/sHardware Averaging
Heterodyne Trigger
Analog Trigger
SD Card (up to 32GB)
16 bits50-125 MS/s8 Channel 16 bit DAC1GB DDR3
128MB flash
SD Card (up to 32GB)