Press Release - August 15, 2011
Ultraview Corporation Has Moved to a Larger Facility Located in Berkeley, California.
Press Release - May 05, 2011
UltraSpect-50G: High-SNR Microwave Comb Spectrometer / Downconverter
Press Release - November 18, 2010
Mid-Priced Dual Channel 1.5 GSPS PCIe ADC System with 8GB RAM, Virtex-5™ FPGA allows Ultra-deep Recording and Reconfigurable Signal Processing
Press Release - July 15, 2010
Multichannel-expandable 0.3 to 300 MHz Direct Digital RF Synthesizer boards, offer PSK, FSK and triggered quadrature sweep.
Article - October 31, 2009
Designing Versatile COTS Data Acquisition Systems


Collect time sensitive, single shot data with Ultra Fast accuaracy and speed.


Ultra Deep on-board memory ensures data integrity.


Deliver captured and stored data at Ultra Fast PCIe speeds.


New 16k zero dead-time averaging. Up to 160dB SNR!

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12, 14, and 16-bit PCIe A/D Boards capable of 160dB Dynamic Range with on-board Hardware Averaging!