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MODEL: AD12-2000x2-8GB-K7US

PCI Express A/D Board

AD12-2000 - Dual 12 bit, 2 GS/s, up to 7GB/s DMA

The AD12-2000 series has two 2000 MS/sec 12-bit ADCs, 8GB of on-board memory and the ability to transfer data directly into the host computer's memory at over 1 GB/sec for XC5VLX FPGA's and over 6 GB/sec for XCKU FPGA's. Streaming to the host computer can be performed simultaneously with acquisition to on-board memory, increasing the effective acquisition length by using the host computer's memory. Dual channel boards sample concurrently at the input clock frequency, and can also be software selected to run in single channel mode, at twice the effective memory depth and speed (up to 4 GSPS).

Included with each card are powerful LabVIEW graphical waveform viewers, example user software (complete with source) code , and device drivers for Linux and Windows. The example software is intended to allow users to quickly prototype and develop their applications. Synchronization with external hardware is easily done using optional external clocking, external triggering, selective recording, and multiple user programmable TTL I/O.

For more detailed information on the AD12-2000 series of data acquisition products, please see the User Manual on the right.

AD12-2000x2-8GB-50T12-Bit ADC, 200MSPS-2GSPS, 2 Channel, 8GB DRAM, XC5VLX50T FPGA
AD12-2000x2-8GB-K7US12-Bit ADC, 200MSPS-2GSPS, 2 Channel, 8GB DRAM, XCKU040 FPGA, 7GB/s