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MODEL: AD12-2000x2-8GB

PCI Express A/D Board

AD12-2000 Series - Dual 12 bit, 2000 MS/s

1MB FFT @ 1500MSPS w/ a 12Mhz input & 9-15Mhz BPF
1MB FFT @ 1500MSPS w/ a 70Mhz input & 69-71Mhz BPF
NOTE: Raised noise floor in filter bandwidth is due to signal source.
Detailed Specifications
Resolution: 12 Bits
SNR: 63 dB
Input Range: +/-375mV (750mVpp)
Input Impedance: 50 ohms || 2pF
Input Bandwidth: DC to 1.7 GHz (-3dB BW)
Sampling Rate
  • Maximum:
  • Minimum:

2000 MSPS (4.0 GSPS in single channel mode)
200 MSPS (400 MSPS in single channel mode
DMA Transfer Rate: Typically >1 GB/s (host system dependent)